Astrid To Hiccup Chapter 2 a how to train your dragon fanfic

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It's what makes you such a great friend, a great leader, and, um, a great boyfriend. Hiccup is quick to intervene before anything serious happens. Despite the initial problems in their relationship, Astrid later grows to where Hiccup becomes her main love interest as she kisses him twice albeit after punching him on the arm both times. She rode off on the tamed Nightmare and has also ridden on Hookfang.

Astrid and Hiccup s Relationship

From the very beginning, this ship was very popular, and remains very popular. Ryker and his men then dragged Stormfly with them onto their ship and took off. It shows how much she cares for Hiccup and wants him to be safe.

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Hiccup tells Astrid that she is absolutely right, and Astrid is happy to hear that. He relies on her and that's what makes them a team. Despite Astrid's efforts to stay hidden from Ryker's sight, he was able to detect Stormfly by smell.

Hiccup, Camicazi and Fishlegs have difficulty in swimming the farther waters, even though their hunting dragons are trying to help, especially Fishlegs, who has to swim in armbands. Astrid is visibly worried when it seems like Toothless might not remember Hiccup and attack him. Later, while riding on Toothless, Hiccup grabs Astrid's waist to prevent her from falling off, telling her to hold on tighter. In the first movie, Stoick acted protective of Astrid when he ushered her away from danger and shielded her against the Monstrous Nightmare in the kill ring. This training course is one of the best we've ever had on Berk, and very merry to boot.

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  • He begins to panic when the clear Buffalord saliva does not cure her.
  • He's basically telling Viggo that he refuses to lose Astrid.
  • On Wingmaiden Island during the grand transition, Hiccup, and Astrid are standing next to each other.
Astrid and Hiccup s Relationship

She first meets Hookfang at the Kill Ring where she tried to protect Hiccup by throwing a hammer at his face. Viggo then pulls out a knife and Astrid arrives just in time to see him about to attack Hiccup. Astrid accepts the invitation for the Moonlit flight, and flips Hiccup over. These episodes continue the trend of Hiccup and Astrid choosing to be close to each other and the pair showing more concern for each other than typical of the others. Still, she's very loyal to Astrid and is protective as well.

Hiccup and Astrid eventually get married in the final act of the third film and are named chief and chieftess of Berk. The plot of the film is almost completely different from the first book in the series. That's why Hiccup had to find a way to make them a new one, bremen online dating a better one. Tuffnut and Astrid quickly agreed they needed to secure the edge and save his Ruffnut after she was taken captive. It has always been his hobby.

Astrid was suspicious of Dammen's friendliness and curiosity about Stormfly. Zephyr is Astrid's firstborn daughter and has inherited her mother's blue eyes and heart-shaped face. Hiccup spends a lot of time teaching Astrid everything he knows about knitting.

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Viggo withdraws his weapon after becoming alerted to her presence and claims he was only intending to lure the Submaripper out. This is the eighth book in the series. However, Hiccup's jewel doesn't have the dragons, meaning that it is a fake. When Hiccup decides to lead the riders to Vanaheim, Astrid asks Hiccup if he was sure he wanted to do the mission. They are even so close that Astrid casually braids Hiccup's hair.

  1. Hiccup has to depend on Astrid to give him a ride on Stormfly during much of the episode while Toothless is seeking out the Whispering Death.
  2. Once Astrid's plan ran its course she reluctantly agreed to try out some of Tuffnut's insane ideas.
  3. Our relationship can't get in the way of that.
  4. They then continue to look at the sunset and they become a couple.
  5. But on contact with the lava, the fire stone hatches into a fire dragon, revealing that the fire stone is actually an egg.

She bristles at that idea, though we later discover that she wants to get married but doesn't think Hiccup's ready. Hiccup thought that Astrid was preparing something for their future, maybe. Hiccup is chosen to negotiate with the dragon, who has eaten one of the other dragons. Though lessened with maturity, she can be short-tempered and somewhat of a perfectionist at times, which is especially true before the integration of dragons. The other Vikings follow suit, and Astrid stands by Hiccup as they watch all the dragons take off.

Their dragons use their firepower to open a hole in the ice so they don't freeze, and to let in some light, and in it they suddenly realize that they're holding each other tightly. Beautiful despite herself, she's tough and rational, providing Hiccup with a blunt voice of reason while remaining his most outspoken supporter. When escaping from the Alvinsmen, Snotlout changes clothes with Hiccup to provide a diversion. However, whilst the other Vikings actively ridicule Hiccup, Astrid seems more wary of him, only becoming angry with him due to his inability to focus in the Arena. Throughout the course of the film, however, Astrid learns that Hiccup needs her by his side and becomes more accustomed to marriage.

Astrid Hofferson
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In the morning they were going for dragon training. Astrid had a lot of respect for her uncle and trained very hard to avenge him in order to restore her family's honor. Haven't you already bask in my essence in your bed already? To be in love with a girl who is your partner in battle, not sure how I would balance such a precarious situation. Hiccstrid is the most popular ship in the How to Train Your Dragon film franchise, aside from the dragon-rider relationships.

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He also tells the Hooligans that in the coffin, he found a riddle that tells how to find the treasure of Grimbeard the Ghastly and a map that depicts the island where the treasure is buried. The woman was handing to her daughter a plushie doll. Astrid's overall look throughout the franchise is heavily inspired by her dragon, Stormfly.

Astrid and Hiccup s Relationship

It appears that Heather had picked up on Astrid's feelings and is keeping her distance out of respect for her new friend. She continues trying to distract the dragon so Hiccup can get away until Stoick enters the arena and Toothless is subdued. When the Triple Stryke first appears, Hiccup pulls Astrid out of the way and shortly after has Toothless grab her and move her to a safer position. At first Astrid does not care about Hiccup, and after Astrid lands on Hiccup, she questions what side he is on.

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She hides it from Hiccup, but when Stormfly enters Hiccup's hut, Hiccup knows something is wrong with Astrid, and discovers that she has the Scourge of Odin. The oath was that the Dragon Furious will help free the prisoners on the island and never harm humans. He admits that he never stops worrying about her, and she agrees that she is the same way about him. She wears a dragon scale flightsuit during battle missions and casual Viking wear in her downtime.

Astrid ended up saving Heather's parents with the help of the Dragon Riders and Heather herself, and the girls parted ways on friendly terms. It was then that Hiccup showed himself and made a deal with Alvin to leave the people of Berk in peace if he proved he was the Dragon Conqueror. This time around, however, indiatimes astrospeak matchmaking she physically attempts to protect him by pulling him to the ground with her. Both of these skills require time and practice.

Astrid Hofferson

Astrid later puts on the Betrothal Necklace Hiccup gave her hoping he would notice it. Hiccup's birthday is not going to be the quiet affair he might have hoped for. However, later on she and Hiccup make up and work together to fight Krogan and his Flyers. Their only exit would be to go through the hole.

Furious intervenes and kills the Witch, then completes the treaty and makes himself and Hiccup blood brothers. Worse still, the only person there, the wicked witch Excellinor Alvin the Treacherous's Mother has returned as the castle's witch. They lost sight of the baby however, dating fat guys and it drifted to Berk and grew up to be Fishlegs. Hiccup and Astrid go off to check on Garff.

Astrid and Hiccup s Relationship

Hiccup is Astrid s boyfriends a how to train your dragon fanfic

She has also always given plenty of useful advice to Hiccup throughout the years and he always takes them to heart. Gobber pairs Hiccup and Astrid together for hand to hand combat, but Hiccup quickly protests, gluten insistent it's not a fair match. Astrid now wears a red sleeveless shirt with a dark spiked skirt that matches her boots.

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